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Hanging and Wall Mounting in Liverpool From Rufus's Qualified Professionals

Imagine. You’ve got a large expensive television set. You want it on your wall. But if you do the work yourself you can’t guarantee it’ll be secure. It’s for this exact scenario that our hanging and wall mounting service in Liverpool was designed...

Connect with an expert customer care professional now on 020 3404 1650 and tell us your requirements. Bear in mind, the scale of your job doesn’t matter, it doesn’t have to be a TV, it could simply be a small picture you want hung perfectly level – you’ll get a quote for your specific service. Rather not speak on the phone? Then contact us through this website’s chat facility or booking form. We’re round-the-clock for your convenience.

Why Rufus's Hanging and Wall Mounting Service in Liverpool?

  • Every single hanging and wall mounting service we perform in the Liverpool area is clearly priced, and yours will be no exception – get a quote 24/7
  • The technicians who work with us can handle items of all shapes and sizes, including anything from shelves to mirrors
  • You can reduce the price you pay by having your handyman come for a half or full day
  • You can also cut down your costs by qualifying for a multiple service discount – book our furniture assembly or odd jobs services too
  • There are time slots on weekdays, weekends, and even Bank Holidays for your convenience

Your Wall Mounting Service in Liverpool – The FAQs

Want to know if we fit more than just TVs as part of your wall mounting service in Liverpool? Find the answers to yours and other customers' questions below...

Q: What types of curtains and blinds can you handle?

A: All! And it doesn’t matter how large they are either. In fact, your handyman will be able to put up poles, tracks, and rails you need beforehand too. You should also know that your blinds needn’t be restricted to windows with recesses.

Q: What kinds of TVs and shelves can you fit?

A: The smallest to the largest. Want a 50” TV fitted to a masonry, concrete, tiled, or partitioned wall? It can be done. Need an old mounted kitchen cabinet removed and replaced? It’s not a problem. And that’s just a taste of what your technician can do for you.

Q: Can you take care of all pictures and mirrors?

A: Pretty much! And you can also request that whiteboards, noticeboards, photographs, and other items be fixed to your walls too

Hire Rufus's Specialist Curtain and Blind Fitters in Liverpool

The size or shape of the item you want to fix to your wall won’t matter to the curtain and blind fitters who are dispatched to your Liverpool property – they’ve been specially trained to handle all types of items. Wondering how we can be so sure they’re properly qualified? Because before agreeing to work with them they were fully vetted and background checked. We also made sure they were dedicated enough to you that they would complete your service without taking a single break. And they are!